Omnibus Institute for Professional Learning and Development

Omnibus Institute for Professional Learning and Development (OIPLD): Elevating Professional Competence in Nigeria

Omnibus Institute for Professional Learning and Development (OIPLD): Elevating Professional Competence in Nigeria

Established under the auspices of the CAMA Act 2020 and endorsed by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education, the Omnibus Institute for Professional Learning and Development (OIPLD) emerges as a cornerstone institution committed to advancing integrated marketing, digital communication, customer relationship management, and public relations management in Nigeria. With its Registration Number 1958869, OIPLD sets out to champion excellence in professional competence and practice across the nation.

Mission and Objectives
At the heart of OIPLD's mission lies the aspiration to cultivate a culture of excellence and practical proficiency among professionals in Nigeria. Its objectives encompass a spectrum of educational endeavors, including academic training, re-training, advanced training, and certification, all aimed at enhancing educational standards and performance levels.

Programs and Offerings: 
OIPLD boasts an extensive repertoire of programs meticulously crafted to address the diverse needs of professionals across various sectors. These encompass:

Certificate Courses: 
Delving into fundamental aspects of administration, management, marketing, technology, education, agriculture, and security studies.

Examples of Certificate Courses:
Administrative Essentials
Principles of Management
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Basics of Educational Technology
Essentials of Agricultural Business
Fundamentals of Security Studies

Diploma Programs: 
Offering both ordinary and advanced diplomas across a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from business administration and public administration to cybersecurity and educational management.

Examples of Diploma Programs:
Diploma in Business Administration
Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management
Diploma in Cybersecurity
Advanced Diploma in Educational Leadership

Postgraduate Programs: 
Providing avenues for specialization through postgraduate diplomas and master diplomas in niche fields such as project management, tourism and hospitality management, leadership, and technology.

Examples of Postgraduate Programs:
Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
Master Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development
Master Diploma in Information Technology

Doctorate Programs: 
Offering doctorate diplomas and fellowship diplomas to professionals seeking advanced expertise in areas like educational psychology, agricultural management, security studies, and criminology management.

Examples of Doctorate Programs:
Doctorate Diploma in Educational Psychology
Fellowship Diploma in Agricultural Management
Doctorate Diploma in Security Studies
Fellowship Diploma in Criminology Management

Certifications and Collaborations: 
OIPLD's certifications carry the weight of both local and international recognition, fortified by collaborations with esteemed institutions such as the European Institute of Management and Technology (EIMT) in Zug, Switzerland. These partnerships enhance the institute's global accreditation and provide professionals with access to cutting-edge knowledge and practices.

Research and Consultancy Services: 
In its commitment to advancing knowledge and best practices, OIPLD undertakes research and consultancy studies in critical domains such as integrated marketing, digital communication, budgeting, fiscal management, and customer relationship management. These initiatives contribute to the evolution of industry standards and the enhancement of organizational effectiveness.

Advisory Services: 
OIPLD extends advisory services tailored to bolster the efficacy of human resources teams within organizations. By offering strategic guidance and resource development support, OIPLD aids in optimizing organizational performance and fostering sustainable growth.

International Collaboration and Recognition: 
Throughout its existence, OIPLD has forged strategic alliances with institutions and organizations both locally and internationally. These collaborative efforts underscore OIPLD's dedication to upholding global standards and facilitating access to world-class education and expertise.

Leadership and Contact Information: 
Under the astute leadership of Professor Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale Dipl. Adv.Dipl. BSc PGD MSc PhD, DBA, OIPLD operates from its headquarters at 18 Alafia Street, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria. 

For inquiries and further information, individuals can reach out via email at or WhatsApp at +2348185000488.

In summation, the Omnibus Institute for Professional Learning and Development (OIPLD) emerges as a pivotal institution dedicated to nurturing professional competence and proficiency in Nigeria. Through its diverse array of programs, rigorous certifications, research endeavors, and strategic partnerships, OIPLD is poised to shape the future of professional education, fostering a cadre of skilled professionals equipped to navigate the challenges of an ever-evolving landscape.

For Inquiries Contact:

Prof. Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale

Doctoral Fellow, International Partner & Professor Marketing Communications, Leadership & Organizational Management

Executive Director/Dean
- Omniversity LLC

Executive Director/Dean
- Omnibus Global Academy LLC

Executive Director
- Omnibus Institute for Professional Learning and Development LTD/GTE

Dean, Academics
- Weldios University

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